It’s been a little over six months since my gynecomastia surgery and I feel like a new man. The results have exceeded my expectations and I am enjoying summer like I never have (nor thought I could), thanks to Dr. Pensler! I went in for a consultation in September and immediately felt at ease (thanks to the welcoming staff and my enlightening conversation with Dr. Pensler), so I scheduled my surgery for the following November. I followed Dr. Pensler’s post-op instructions and wore my vest until we both felt necessary. As I’m writing this, I continuously glance down at my flat chest and am still in disbelief. Being in my 40’s, I had resigned myself to a life of loose-fitting shirts and staying clear of beaches and pool parties. I’ve spent the last 30+ years doing just that so it’s time to start living. Nowadays, I’m wearing athletic-cut t-shirts and slim-fit dress shirts with pride and getting a lot of compliments from people who assume I’ve been working out extra-hard lately (shhh…that’s our lil secret). As far as taking my shirt off to go into the water – sometimes I’m still the first one and sometimes I’m still the last one but I’m also the second, third, forth, etc. – now being a decision based on my mood rather than my fear. If any guys out there are suffering from gynecomastia and are considering this surgical procedure to finally free you from your emotional pain – I urge you to see Dr. Pensler today. Trust me, you won’t regret it. This has been a life-changing experience for me and I owe it all to this guy!  WOW! ~ YELP

Extremely happy with my surgery! Was very very nervous that the results would not be what i expected but wow was i wrong. The whole experience was great from my consultation to surgery and even after care. Its been almost 3 month since my surgery and my scaring is next to nothing!! Definitely would recommend I have a great experience!! ~ Google

Dr. Pensler is the best plastic surgeon in Chicago!!! His job and quality is amazing. He really knows what he is doing and I hope he will never retires!!!!! There is no words to explain how good is he, and how happy I am with the results. I am really low pain tolerance, I don’t like pain at all. And after a surgery for me to have no pain it was just amazing and really fast recovery. I am really happy and I would recommend Dr. Pensler to anyone that I know. He is the Best!!! ~ RealSelf

Amazing! I honestly look now like I thought I should have looked my entire life. Surgery was near painless and recovery time was faster than anticipated. Spectacular bedside manner and incredibly friendly staff. Would DEFINITELY recommend him to anyone. I interviewed with two other doctors and neither of them held a candle to the comfortable I got from Dr. Pensler. 5 stars all the way! ~ YELP

I had always known I would eventually have breast augmentation. I got away with small boobs for a good portion of my life. After having two beautiful babies (both breastfed), what ever I used to have was literally gone. I cannot believe what happens to us after that! I researched D.r Pensler, and was incredibly impressed by his credentials and reviews. The consultation process was super easy. His patient coordinator Vilte is really great. My husband and I met with Dr Pensler and we were immediately at ease. He is easy going, calm, and funny! He listened to my concerns and expectations completely. He used the virtual images on me to help learn about sizes. He was professional, and honest. Surgery scheduling was equally easy. As a nurse, I have always been nervous about general anesthesia. A plus with doing this surgery with Dr Pensler was the option to do the procedure under “twilight anesthesia”. I am extremely happy I went this route. As promised, I don’t remember a thing, and I think my recovery was so much easier because of this. I had my surgery on a Thursday, and was back to work by Monday. I am now two months post-op…and I am elated! I feel great, and have been doing everything I did before surgery for about a month now. I LOVE my boobs-they are perfect for me. Not too big, but big enough to feel great about myself. He was right on with the size…I can dress them up, or dress them down! I would recommend Dr Pensler to all of my family and friends. My experience was all I could have expected. My confidence is my greatest gift from it all:) ~ YELP

OUTSTANDING! Exceptional plastic surgeon. I did my due diligence before selecting a plastic surgeon in Chicago. I was so pleased with my first procedure that I have gone back for two more. Both the doctor and his team are awesome to work with. Extremely pleased. Highly recommend. ~ RateMDs

Dr. Pensler and his staff were fantastic! He always ran on time and took tons of time to talk with me and answer any questions I had. He also does computer imaging which really helped in choosing size, and my results turned out exactly how I was hoping from the imaging! ~ RealSelf

Dr. Pensler performed liposuction on me in 2003 and it changed my life!! He did an amazing job! I recently had a baby and have an appointment for another liposuction procedure and can’t wait! I think Dr. Pensler is fabulous and he gave me a completely new and improved body, and outlook on life! ~ YELP

I’ve been going to Dr. Pensler since 2007 trying to get liposuction and he told me no each time that I didn’t need it and to just workout and eat healthy. And, every year since 2007 he’s said the same thing to me. How more ethical can a doctor be? Finally, four years later, we both decided that I was candidate for lipo because exercise and diet wasn’t getting rid of the excess bulge. It’s been a week since my surgery and I AM MORE THAN SATISFIED WITH MY RESULTS. Dr. Pensler and his staff were beyond patient, honest, personable, professional, and kind. There was minimal pain involved with the surgery; I took way too much time off work to heal. The surgery was on a Thursday; by Saturday I forgot I even had lipo. Those people who wrote those negative reviews about this doctor are liars. I completely trust him and so should you! He’s the BEST before and after TX! ~ YELP

He is a caring, compassionate, and more than competent plastic surgeon. I would recommend him to my friends. Even as my own case was physically and psychologically complicated (as I am on the transgender spectrum). The picture you see next to my name is his work. if you are a born woman and he did that for me imagine what he could do for you. ~ RealSelf

The best experience, the best staff, the very best doctor. Dr. Pensler did an incredible job on my nose. I felt so comfortable with him and trusted him right away. The consult was fantastic he takes his time and explains everything to you. I was so pleased with the outcome of the surgery. The healing time was a week and I returned to work without any bruising. I highly recommend Dr. Pensler to anyone wanting to get Rhinoplasty done. I can not say enough good thing about Dr. Pensler! ~ RateMDs

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Pensler and the people he’s surrounded himself with in his office. Justina was incredibly helpful and patient as I asked numerous questions throughout my planning process. Dr. Pensler saw me twice before my procedure – once for the initial consultation and once again when I had more questions for him about a week later. He was very straightforward and helpful when it came to determining what I needed, versus what I thought I wanted (or what would’ve been possible). The day of my plastic surgery, I was completely at ease. The nurse, Laurie, is incredibly thorough and helpful, explaining every step of what to expect during the surgery, what they’re doing and why they’re doing it… I could not have been more comfortable. If you’re looking to get anything done and you live in the Chicago area, you should certainly take the time to meet with Dr. Pensler. I can’t imagine having a better experience! And my results were great! I had liposuction of the flanks, abdomen, and chin. Dr. Pensler set me up with very realistic exceptions that I am thrilled with 🙂 ~ YELP

Went to him to change my deflated breast implants (performed by another plastic surgeon). I had new silicon implants put it. The plastic surgeon himself was wonderful and so was the office staff. ~ HealthGrades

Great Job!!!! And Great Staff!!!!!I have a new nose (rhinoplasty) and no baggy bags under my lids (blepharoplasty),its the new me!!!!!Office was great price was reasonable and the doctor called multiple times after the plstic surgery. Really good experience ~ RateMDs

Over a year now since my surgery and very satisfied. My confidence is greatly improved. Dr. Pensler’s entire team is competent, and will make you feel comfortable and safe throughout the entire journey. I appreciated Dr. Pensler’s honesty and his ability to set realistic expectations for my outcome and for my recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Pensler. I had excellent results, an excellent experience during the follow up visits, and feel fortunate to have had the opportunity for surgery at his practice. ~  YELP

A friend of a friend referred me to Dr. Pensler as she was beyond happy with his work. So far, I’ve had a consultation and have had lots of back and forth communication with his patient coordinator, whose been wonderful. I was relieved at my consultation to find that the Dr. Pensler’s idea of what would look good on me was right in line with my idea of what I wanted — definitely made me feel at ease! He took photos and used computer imaging so we could get a preview of what different sizes would look like on me. We decided to go with the 500 HP to fit my broader frame. I am so excited and trust that he will do a great job! ~ RealSelf

I have been a patient of Dr. Pensler’s since 2001. In that time, I have had three procedures performed: liposuction, breast augmentation / breast implants, and most recently (yesterday), Botox and fillers. With each procedure, I received a candid evaluation and treatment plan that was not based on what was possible, but what was needed. And, as always, I did not receive everything I asked for, but received everything I needed to ensure I achieved optimal results. Dr. Pensler has made certain that I have never undergone any procedure with unrealistic expectations. And, as a result, the outcome always exceeds my expectations. Very satisfied customer. ~YELP

Without a doubt thee BEST plastic surgeon you could ever ask for. It’s been 7 years since my breast augmentation and I have recommended Dr. Pensler to everyone I know! ~ RateMDs

I am a 41 year old male who had extra fat removed around my middle.  From day one, Dr. Pensler and his team made me feel comfortable about liposuction and informed about my procedure.   They were honest and open on what to expect and what I needed to do during my very short recovery.  I am very pleased with the results and the great service I received. ~ YELP

Awesome job, he is a top notch plastic surgeon and with a great nurse and staff. I am so happy with my breast implants. I had done this before (he removed the previous ones and replaced with new ones), no question he did the best. ~ RateMDs

I am one day post op from bilateral gynecomastia and body lift after a 70 pounds weight loss. I must say Dr. Pensler and his staff treated me with the utmost care and professionalism. I am truly thankful to have chosen him as my surgeon. I saw many doctors between San Francisco and Chicago and Dr. Pensler made me feel the most comfortable and confident in the decision to proceed with the surgery. The patient coordinator, Justina, was very prompt with any questions I had was very helpful with anything that needed to be taken care of.  I am very pleased with the entire experience. ~ YELP

I’ve seen quite a few other Chicago plastic surgeons with excellent reputations in the past and I’ve found that I like Dr. Pensler the most by far. Recently I seen Dr. Pensler for lip augmentation and I just loved the results! Dr. Pensler didn’t overfill my lips even though I asked for two syringes of Juvederm and not one and he was right because my lips look so full and natural now. Dr. Pensler also uses some of the best products, he used the best Juvederm possible(XC) and charged very minimally compared to many other surgeons. I’ve noticed that Dr. Pensler is a very honest doctor and will tell you what’s the best action regardless of profit. A lot of doctors will tell you to get a procedure done just for the money  or so that you keep coming in for more. By Dr. Pensler doing my lips my whole face looks completely better and I wish I would have done it a long time ago. Overall best plastic surgeon in the city will go back to for any future needs. I will be doing a breast augmentation with Dr. Pensler in the coming months, he was the 2nd of two doctors I seen for a consultation and I could tell he was more upfront and honest. He was also very thorough on what to expect the other Dr. made me feel rushed. No one wants to feel like that if their already nervous for surgery. Lastly I really enjoy his coordinators Justyna and Camille their both very nice and helpful. ~ YELP

As a best in class plastic surgeon, Dr. Pensler provides highly personalized and comprehensive care. His philosophy regarding the plastic surgeon / patient relationship is based on trust and has earned him one of the most respected reputations as a plastic surgeon in Chicago. The top rated plastic surgeon uses the latest techniques to provide the most natural-looking results possible for your plastic surgery procedure.

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