Chicago ear surgery plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Pensler MD, performs various ear surgery procedures including otoplasty on children age 6 and up. Otoplasty is oftentimes elected by adults who did not have surgical correction to their ears in their youth. Otoplasty (oftentimes referred to as “ear reshaping” or  “ear pinning” ) is most frequently performed on children to prevent teasing (which upsets the child) when (due to malformation) a child’s ears stick-out too much. 

The ultimate goals of ear surgery are to move prominent ears closer to the head and/or to make ears more attractive by reducing their size or improving their shape.

The best in class plastic surgeon performs most ear surgery procedures through the back of the ear technique and therefore he does not leave any visible scar.

Additionally, Dr. Pensler  MD offers the following ear surgery procedures:

  • Otoplasty (to pin back ears)
  • Ear reduction (to reduce the size of the ear)
  • Ear reshaping
  • Correction of an array of ear deformities either apparent at birth (easily corrected by moulding ear as it grows) or acquired later in life through trauma, piercing, surgery or cancer.

I selected Dr. Jay Pensler to perform my child’s otoplasty in January of this year. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. He is knowledgeable, well-trained, friendly, understanding, and he (and his staff) takes a vested interest in you and your child’s needs throughout the pre- and post-operative periods. I would recommend him to anyone in the Chicago, IL region and I could not be happier with my child’s results. P.S. My child did not experience pain and recovery was easy and fast. Thank you, Dr. Pensler. ~Yelp

Please note: It is professionally recommend for a child to have otoplasty plastic surgery performed sooner (at a young age) as opposed to later because the cartilage in your child’s ear is still soft enough to be able to have the best possible surgical result. The ears attain 80% of their final size by the age of 5 or 6 and it is therefore safe to carry out the ear correction surgery once full growth has been achieved. If you are uncertain if your child’s ear have reached full growth, Dr. Pensler can assess your child’s ears for a definitive conclusion.

Reasons Why Adults Adults Elect Otoplasty (“Ear Pinning”) Plastic Surgery:

  • Cupped ear – a very small ear
  • Lop ear – the tip of the ear bends forward and downwards
  • Shell ear – the outer curve of the ear and rim is missing
  • Overly large or stretched earlobes
  • Extreme ear protrusion which was not addressed in youth
  • Highly creased or wrinkled ears, non-attractive ear lobes
  • Spock’s Ear – a pointed top and an extra fold

As a best in class plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Pensler MD provides highly personalized and comprehensive care. His philosophy regarding the plastic surgeon / patient relationship is based on trust and has earned him one of the most respected reputations as a plastic surgeon in Chicago. The top rated plastic surgeon uses the latest techniques to provide the most natural-looking results possible for you (or your child’s) otoplasty / ear pinning plastic surgery procedure.

If you have any questions for the Chicago plastic surgeon or would like an otoplasty / ear pinning plastic surgery consultation (for you or your child) please feel free to contact our plastic surgery practice:

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